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Today: Sep 27, 2021

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- Stronger Emergence Through Disruption: Challenge and Opportunity -

“Stronger Emergence Through Disruption: Challenge and Opportunity” Strong emergence occurs when novel forms spontaneously emerge that are completely unpredictable. Stronger emergence is experienced as social upheaval. When disruptions upset a system’s normal functioning, as in revolutions and renaissance, significant emergent properties have emerged. Emergence is an energy-efficient approach used to accomplish complex tasks. Stronger emergence through disruption could position both challenge and opportunity in all countries especially during the coronavirus pandemic of 2019. Because of such attention, this theme has the potential for both government and private sector. To propose useful ideas and share knowledge among scholars, academic staff, lectures and participants in order to shed light on strategic responses to the disruption this could enhance an efficient opportunity to our society and learning some valuable lessons in order to cope with any challenges that may occur.

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